Saturday, April 10, 2021

How to stand out on Instagram as a Virtual Assistant

How can you show up online, stand out and run your Virtual Assistant business all at the same time? Maybe your head is spinning right now thinking how can I do all of this and generate leads to build my business?

1. Be very clear on who you can help, why you help them and how you can help them?

2. Don't offer 50 services because that's what you think your ideal client wants.

Think about what it is you love to do, what lights you up and makes you happy. Think about past and present positions you have had and the tasks you enjoyed doing when you were in these roles.

3. Show your face on stories! Tell us something about you, your fav podcasts or tips on how a potential client can work with you.

4. Always be yourself! Don't be afraid to show your quirkiness because it will always relate to someone.

5. Always be open and honest with your community and clients.

If you can't do a specific task let them know and refer them to someone who can assist. Always listen to your heart when working with new and existing clients.

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