1:1 Voice Coaching

VA Biz Bestie

is a voice coaching program via Whatsapp which is designed to help Virtual Assistants grow their confidence and step into their super powers by showing up as their authentic selves.

I will be your energetic, confident and motivating coach who wants nothing more than to see you succeed in your very own Virtual Assistant business and become your new VA Biz Bestie.

As your VA Biz Bestie I will help;

  • Build confidence within yourself so you can show up online confident AF

  • Keep you accountable for all your goals you wish to achieve

  • With kicking Imposter Syndrome to the kerb

  • Step into your super powers and unleash them into the online world

  • Come back to your why and connect with your values

  • Create systems and processes for your business

Why voice coaching?

  • It works around you and your business

  • You get more value

  • You can implement the work we do straight away

  • You don't have to find a scheduled time each week or month to sit down on a zoom call

  • You can replay the messages at any time

  • I am just in your back pocket for when you need to say something

  • No need to write down notes until your next zoom call

  • You could be out shopping, on your lunch break or sitting on the couch watching Netflix

VA Biz Bestie is right for you if...

  • You are ready to grow your Virtual Assistant business

  • You are ready to become confident AF 

  • You are ready to show up online as your authentic self

  • You are ready to step into your super powers and deliver your services

  • You are ready to turn your goals into a reality

  • You are done with comparing yourself to everyone on Instagram

  • You are ready to stop worrying about what other people think

What's included;

  • Payment plans are available for monthly and 3 month packages please send an email to

  • Voice replies will be sent within a 4 hour window from receiving your message

  • You will be required to submit an online questionnaire